Warranty and Returns

Lampadina Warranty;

Lampadina products are automatically guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase. We offer a 3 year warranty on our emergency products which contain a battery.

How our Warranty operates;

If for whatever reason a Lampadina product fails to illuminate, our return and exchange policy in on a new-for-old basis. Lampadina will provide you with a replacement for the failed product, following which the faulty product should be replaced with for the new item and the failure sent back.

Lampadina send a replacement and credit you (subject to the restrictions below) for this replacement on return of the faulty item. The cost of shipping the new light is born by Lampadina, with the cost of returning the faulty unit remaining the responsibility of the customer.

Restrictions to the Warranty;

This guarantee is for failure of the product to fully illuminate or to illuminate to more than 70% of initial brightness within 5 years (L70) and does not cover any physical damage to the product such as damage from being dropped during installation or from being incorrectly installed i.e. blown drivers or being connected to the incorrect voltage.

Lampadina will not accept any consequential damages or costs outside the terms of this guarantee.

Purchase of any Lampadina product is agreement to the terms within this guarantee.