Hotplates, Stirrers and Shakers

We offer a wide range of laboratory hotplates, stirrers and shakers that are designed to provide low energy consumption while maintaining high quality performance. Our range covers any budget and is perfect for various laboratory applications. Whether you need a hotplate for heating samples, a stirrer for mixing solutions, or a shaker for blending substances, we have the right equipment to meet your needs. 

Magnetic Stirrers

We offer a range of low energy, durable, and cost-effective laboratory magnetic stirrers. Our magnetic stirrers are designed to efficiently mix substances in a variety of vessel types and numbers, making them ideal for any laboratory application and budget. 


Laboratory hotplates are essential equipment for many labs, our range offers a wide temperature range, accurate control and rapid heating capabilities. These hotplates are designed to meet the demanding needs of scientists, ensuring precise and reliable temperature control for various laboratory applications. 

Hotplate Stirrers

Combining both heating and stirring our range of energy efficient products are suitable for any laboratory and are available in a wide selection of capacities.

Orbital Shakers

Our Orbital shakers are designed to efficiently mix and agitate samples in a controlled manner, ensuring accurate and reliable testing outcomes. With their innovative technology and user-friendly features our range of shakers are suitable for all budgets.

Linear Shakers

Laboratory linear shakers are essential equipment for many labs. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution with a large variety of options these shakers are designed to provide consistent and reliable shaking of samples in a linear motion, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in the laboratory setting. 

2D Rockers

Laboratory 2D rockers enable gentle mixing of samples in a controlled and variable way. Our rockers are designed to provide consistent and reliable results, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

3D Rockers

Browse our range of laboratory 3D rockers. These rockers provide variable mixing for various applications such as staining, washing, hybridization, and general sample agitation. With their precise control and adjustable speed settings, our range of rockers are versatile tools that ensure accurate and consistent results in scientific experiments.

Vortex Mixers

Vortex mixers are essential tools in any laboratory, offering variable speed settings for optimal mixing of samples. Our mixers are available with adaptors that accommodate a multitude of tube types and plates, making them versatile and convenient for various research applications.


Our rotators have high capacity and are suitable for a wide selection of tube types. They also have variable speed settings, allowing researchers to control the intensity of mixing for different experiments without taking up valuable bench space.



Tube rollers are essential pieces of equipment in many laboratories. Our range offers high capacity, variable speed, and low energy consumption to roll a variety of tubes. These rollers provide efficient and gentle mixing of samples ensuring accurate and reliable results in various experiments and research projects. 

Rotary Evaporators


Rotary evaporators are used in research laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. Our range is suitable for a variety of budgets and throughputs, with accessories available for all applications.

Overhead Stirrers and Homogenisers

In a research laboratory, homogenizers are essential equipment for a variety of tasks aside from simple mixing. They are commonly used for emulsifying, suspending, grinding, dispersing, and dissolving various substances. Overhead stirrers are also commonly used in research laboratories for mixing and stirring solutions. We offer both homogenisers and overhead stirrers for all budgets and applications.

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