High/Low Bays

We have 2 versions of our UFO High Bay Fitting. Both feature an innovative circular design and high performance Mean Well Drivers and Philips LED chips and in selecting our fittings we have given lots of thought as to what the consumer wants and needs.

We all know that hot air rises, so why would you buy a high bay that only works optimally at office temperatures? Both high bays operate at temperatures of up to 50°C.

We know that dust and condensation can fall from the roof, so why would you buy a high bay with huge open slots and exposed drivers?

We know that cleaning at a high level can be difficult and liable to be infrequent so why would you buy a high bay with an IP rating of 20? Both of our high bays are IP66 rated.

We have considered that the environment in which high bays are operating is likely to be frequented by forklift trucks and be fitted out with high level racking, so why would you buy a high bay with a very wide angle that produces huge glare and is uncomfortable to look at? Both of our high bays are available in 60° 90° and 120° beam angles and we are more than happy to offer advice and lighting simulations to help you make an informed decision.

Please have a look at both designs along with specification sheets and contact us with any questions.

LMP-EUFO (Pressed Design)
LMP-UFO (Cast Design)

For a free survey call 0151 662 0042 or email info@lampadina.co.uk