Through a number of strategic partnerships, we are able to recommend and provide finance for your LED lighting project.

Finance helps both public and private organisations invest in high quality LED, which helps overcome the higher initial purchase costs of low energy technology.

In general, lighting accounts for 30% to 50% of energy consumption in commercial facilities and experience shows us that on average a switch to LED saves 60% of these costs as well as providing a higher quality and more reliable light.

Capital budgets aren’t always available, so finance takes away this frustration and allows your lighting project to commence immediately.

The best part is that the repayments are usually LESS than the energy savings, so the entire project is cash positive from day one.

Contact us today to request your free lighting energy survey and allow us to demonstrate the savings, ROI (Return on Investment), tax relief and finance options available to your business.

Your savings will pay for your lighting – for more information, get in touch on 0151 662 0042 or