Energy Saving

There are many benefits to switching your lighting over to LED and they do not only come in the form of reduced energy consumption and therefore reduced energy costs associated with this.

Of course, making the switch will immediately save your business up to 90% on the lighting contingent of your energy spend but this is just a start to the benefits you can expect when you join the LED revolution…

Clearer/Flicker-free Lighting

In a recent report, the Carbon Trust has confirmed that poor office lighting can cause a loss in productivity and ultimately a loss in sales.

Traditional switch-start T8 fluorescent fittings found in most office ceilings have a constant ‘flicker’ with the following associated common complaints;

  • Eye strain;
  • Headaches;
  • Migraines;
  • SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder);
  • Stress;
  • Irritability.

Even if the cost of the above to your business resulted in a 2% drop in productivity, this is the equivalent of giving your members of staff an extra week’s paid leave.

The first thing you will notice following the change to LED is a brighter, crisper and cleaner working environment.  We are yet to receive anything but positive feedback following the change, with most customers reporting an increase in morale, mood levels and productivity.

Lifespan & Maintenance

Another often overlooked benefit to LED lighting is the long lifespan and therefore zero maintenance requirements of your new lighting.  A standard halogen lamp will last no more than around 3,000 hours with a T8 fluorescent tube lasting around 10,000 hours with a steady decline in light output.

In contrast, a Lampadina LED will last 50,000+ hours with no noticeable light degradation and is complete with a 5 year warranty.

This reduces both labour costs in terms of having tubes and lamps replaced as well as the cost of purchasing the replacement items.  This frees up personnel for more productive use of their time.

Modern & Professional

LED lighting is credited with improving the feel of a business premises, giving a more modern feel and of course boosting your businesses eco credentials.


LED produces very little heat, which is part of the reason they are more efficient as more energy is used to produce light and not wasted as heat.

However, this also improves safety and during the summer means your air-conditioning isn’t working harder to cool the environment.  Nobody wants to be paying to cool down an office that they are inadvertently paying to warm up with their old inefficient lighting.

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